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** A literary critique of poet Bhau Kapil’s text, Humanimal by AMINA MASOOD**


Humanimal: A Proposal for Hybridity

I slip my arms into yours, to become four-limbed
I slip my arms into the sleeves of your shirt
To write this, the memoir of your body
– Bhanu Kapil (Location 94).

There is a place where all things meet and merge- allowing the existence of hybridity. In her book, Humanimal, Bhanu Kapil explores the idea of a hybrid space that allows binaries to be broken down. The title’s “an” exists as this space between hum“an” and “an”imal. Kapil examines the ways in which language and poetry can play a role in creating this hybrid space where humans can understand each other as well as the natural world. In doing so, her book becomes a “project for future children” (Kapil, Location 35). She suggests that if we take action trying to erase dualisms, such as the dualisms between man and woman, human and nature, human and animal, then future children can come into a world that is free of the dualist structure. Kapil stresses the importance of an anti-dualist world because hybridity necessitates understanding, whereas dualism creates structures of opposition.


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