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The Death of God

In the beginning there was God
infinite and majestic
but so very alone

His loneliness drove Him mad

So in His madness
He created the angels
the ultimate epicenter of goodness
Creation demanded that old things create new things
and so he extracted the goodness from within Himself
to create noble and moral beings

The process was excruciatingly painful

separation is not easy

In the end, the angels received most of God’s virtues
in little quantities, but mainly possessed goodness
He enjoyed their company
and relished in the sounds of their voices
their laughter
The very first voices he would ever hear

But having so little goodness inside of him now
he soon grew bored and tired of the angels
For what good is company that doesn’t
indulge in the same thoughts as you?

And so, he created the earth
filled with trees and flowers
thousands of them, thousands of colors
Ocean and skies
inexplicable order
the kind that appears chaotic
but contains stability
But the
power and stability
mocked him

So, he created animals
To them he gave innocence
They were wild
a strange kind of free
and lived within their own understanding of themselves
Their own realms
They filled him with joy
but with time, they too, began to bore him
For he no longer possessed
the innocence needed to understand
their play and vivacity

And so he created humans
To them, he gave his intelligence
They were the strangest of his creations
they theorized about their existence
Measuring everything with meaning
and purpose
he did not understand
their thirst for knowledge
Anger arose in his heart
For his incapability to be a part of something
And in his anger
he created the demons
To them he gave maliciousness and cruelty

And than he burnt out in flames
exploding and causing the creation of all other things
time, space, relativity
He became thought and mind and matter
all at once
He became so much, but he ceased to exist

The angels saw the chaos of the world
and mourned for the loss of their creator
They were the only beings with the key to Heaven
And so they created a reward system
in which goodness was the most esteemed trait
The good could have access to the Heavens
and all other would either perish or rot
in the abode of the demons.

  © Amina Masood
First in a series of poems (I hope). Next:  Premonition of Chaos

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She carried things with her

Symbolic things

with no real meaning

A ring from her dead father
that she did not 
she had no
 encasement of his memories

no inclination of the feel of his touch

his smile.

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